Edmundston, NB

On June 4th of 2016, Corruven Inc. held its annual meeting in Edmundston, NB. The event brings together a leaders involved in innovation and provides a sneak peak of where the Corruven® technology is going. Present were more than 50 shareholders for the meeting and 120 guests at the banquet (including business partners, suppliers, and clients).

This year, the guest speaker for the event was Mr. Robert Dutton, former CEO of Rona, who made a presentation on “Leadership and Passion”. The audience had many questions for Mr. Dutton on team building, leadership, and innovation. Mr. Dutton’s presentation resonated well with the audience in particular when he observed: “The best way to predict the future is to build it”.

The visit of Corruven new facility was also a great success. It was impressive to see the scale up, the professionalism of the team, and positive feedback from clients. Mr. Alain Belanger, President, unveiled a Founder’s Plaque at the banquet which was very well received.
We look forward to growing the Corruven family next year again!