We had the pleasure to host Corruven’s 2017 annual banquet, on June 10th, 2017. Many delegates coming from around the planet (Africa, United States, Europe, Iran, etc) and many locals attended the much awaited event. The evening started out with a memorable show of “Acadie Terres et Forêts en fête”, where on stage, about 20 talented young singers, dancers, actors and musicians gave a very colorful performance.

It was soon followed by a presentation given by Ian Drapeau, IT Manager at Corruven, who underlined the importance of social media presence and the unveiling of our new website.

After a copious meal, a very interesting conference from NUCAP Industries and Corruven followed the stage. Alain Bélanger, Scott Philippe, Bill Payne and Mark Lavelle revealed the exciting new “Metallic Wood” concept, a marriage of nature’s raw material, wood with man-made hardest component, steel. Combining these elements, creates a whole new market for the company. A never seen feat!

The evening ended while attendees where very excited to see what the future holds for Corruven.