Developed from our metallic wood technology, the UVEN-R series is the creation of a new class of high-performance sustainable composite material.

The impossible was made possible !

We created a material that stabilizes the wood without using any adhesive!

With a mechanical bond, Corruven was able to give structure, resistance and acoustic properties to these new panels.

With its tailored options and its high acoustical performance characteristics, UVEN-R has the ability to transform a space to give it the power to evolve over time.

PB020002-2 (Large) PB020007 (Large) PB020015 (Large) PB020021 (Large) PB020025-2 (Large) PB020028 (Large) PB020061 (Large) PB020069 (Large) PB020071 (Large) PB020087 (Large) (1) PB020092 (Large) PB020096 (Large) PB020109 (Large) PB020135 (Large) PB020157 (Large) PB020170 (Large) PB020215 (Large) PB020230 (Large)