What a show it was this year! I’m talking about the Greenbuild / ABX Expo in Boston, MA that took place in November 8-10, 2017. I was there representing Corruven Inc. with our CEO Alain Belanger and our architect Kim Savage. We were there to launch our new acoustic product called Uven-R.
What a response we got! Our booth was so busy we had a hard time to talk to everyone! Our goal was to share how this product came to life and people were excited to learn the story behind it.

The story … it all started with an objective, which was to stabilize wood. With our new product, we found the way to stabilize wood without using any polymers, a first in the industry! Using an aluminum core and creating thousands of little hooks, we can then press a veneer onto this aluminum which “grips” the wood into place like Velcro®. This stabilizes the wood by holding the whole sheet of veneer by locking the fibers onto the aluminum. All this without any glue! The cool thing is we can lock different materials to the aluminum. Like felt, clothes or even plastic.
The great part is that this composite assembly can come into contact with water and not swell, shrink or delaminate. We truly created a wood that is stable, even under harsh conditions.

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As for the Greenbuild Expo, it was nice to see the reaction of people when seeing our new Uven-R acoustic wall and ceiling. The majority of questions were on performance and installation. Both of which we are very proud to say we have tackled. People really enjoyed the fact that there isn’t any glue used to create this product and that there isn’t any VOCs emissions. We believe in transparency, that is why all our products have gone through the Health Product Declaration (HDP) Collaborative standard.

I also had the chance to make four lunch & learns with architect firms in the Boston region. The reception was amazing! Judging by the reaction, architects really like the look of our new technology and immediately wanted to know where they could use this. The aluminum dotted profile of the veneer is something they have never seen before. I think I can say “mission accomplished” for nailing the “learn” part of the lunch & learn! We are already in talks with one of the architectural firms to use our product in their next designs.
We also had the chance to meet one of Canada’s Minister, The Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism. Even though our meeting with her was supposed to last only 2 minutes because of her time restraints, we had the pleasure to talk for almost 10 minutes!



As a whole, the show for us was a success and we are anxious to next year’s Greenbuild Chicago. We are also looking forward to the International Builders Show (IBS) in Orlando, FL in January 9-11, 2018.
I would like to thank everyone for stopping and meeting us this year. See you at IBS 2018!
For further information on Corruven Inc. and our products, please contact me at: scottp@corruven.com