Coming into the show this year, we were very anxious to see the turnout. It was clear that after the first hour of the door opening, the show would be a success! Tuesday morning to Thursday’s closing, and even after closing, people were constantly in our booth enjoying our new innovative products!

The Canadian pavilion was a great way to showcase some of Canada’s most innovative companies and we were proud to be one of them showcasing our new metallic wood material technology. The concept of the pavilion was great and the location was perfect! Thanks to ONB and the Federal government for making this a reality.

Alain, Kim and I were so busy answering questions about the new and exciting products that we had lineups multiple times during the day! A lot of people wanted us to scan their cards so we could get their information to speak later on the phone as the booth was full most of the time!

Now to our products, our Uven-R, which was nominated as “Best of IBS” in the “Best Living Indoor Product” category. We are very proud of this achievement as there were more than 300 applications for the competition and only 5 per category were chosen as the finalist. This innovative new product has a wood finish with a metallic look. It’s fabricated without using any glue, therefore emitting no VOCs, so no harmful chemicals are released into the room! We are especially proud of this accomplishment along with making a product which is very easy to install and creates no dust when mounting it to walls or ceilings. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but the recognition we got from the nomination was phenomenal! []

On Wednesday, our Uven-R product caught the eye of the DIY Network team and they immediately wanted to put us on an upcoming show. I had the chance to explain how cool our new product is and how easy it is to install for the DIY community. It was an amazing experience for me as it will be the first time that I will be on an international television show. The show is called “I Want That” and should air around father’s day in June 2018 on the DIY Network. []

We are more than happy with our 2018 IBS experience. We have met with over 600 people and have almost 400 follow-ups to do! From designers to builders to distributors, the reaction was very positive. People had great questions and were impressed by our solutions.

We look forward to the next IBS in Vegas in 2019!

For more information about our products follow this link ( or please contact me.

Scott Philippe
Director – Architectural Innovations