Corruven @ EarthX

April 21, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Hello amazing Corruven community, These past few weeks have been quite busy for Corruven because of many projects getting prepare, but we are still thriving, achieving and being awesome. Here’s a quick update on what’s to come: Last time we told you we were at the Industrial Pack 2018 tradeshow, a show dedicated to packaging solutions. A … Read More

Industrial Pack update

April 6, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Hello everyone, We arrived Monday in Atlanta and temperature change from Canada’s snow is just refreshing. Today our very own, Daniel Beauregard-Long, gave a speech on Performance & Sustainability in protective packaging at the Industrial Pack 2018 show. Wich was very interesting by the way! The speech was made to help packaging leaders worldwide get … Read More

Atlanta here we come !!

April 5, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Good afternoon everyone, Did you know, a fantastic show is just around the corner? We’re talking about the Industrial Pack tradeshow! A tremendous opportunity for all to keep updated with the trends, new sustainable technologies, and innovations in the packaging industry. The whole Corruven team is excited to exchange on sustainable solutions for a greener … Read More