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As some of you know, many states/ businesses/ organizations have taken the initiative to ban single-use plastics from their culture. Currently, a movement with the hashtag #StopSucking is LIVE this month. The goal of the campaign is to ban all forms of single-use plastic from big and small corporations starting with plastic straws. Starbuck, the prominent American coffee company and coffeehouse chain, has announced this week, that they’re planning to remove their plastic straws from all their establishments by 2020. Straws, although they may seem harmless, can cause significant impacts not only on the environment but also on marine life. A video posted by the youtube channel Sea turtle Biologist show a male sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nostril. The heartbreaking video, however, has a good ending with the biologist disengaging the plastic straw from the snout of the poor mammal. It just goes to show that although plastic had its convenience in the past, it doesn’t belong in our future.

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Shedlyne Denise Bélanger

We wholeheartedly support all the organization wanting to eliminate single-use plastics in all its forms, we created solutions that are eliminating EPS foam and other plastics used in the packaging industry, learn more here:

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