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As you know, today’s entrepreneurs are building global businesses from the onset, leveraging the global marketplace for foreign investment, access to talent, new market expansion, and leveraging collaborative partnerships to innovate and grow.

Tomorrow, we’ll be joining some of Canada’s leading global entrepreneurs for the Global Expansion Accelerator session to learn how they conquered new markets, attracted foreign investment, recruited top talent, forged new partnerships. They will also have the opportunity to leapfrog their business with lessons-learned and practical advice to expand their business to new markets.

Moderator: Paul Gaspar, Director of Small Business, UPS Canada

Wednesday, September 26th 2018 @ 10:20 AM | Global Expansion Accelerator 

Part 1

  • Tareq Hadhad, Keynote Speaker and Founder, Peace by Chocolate
  • Dawn Jutla, CEO, Peer Ledger
  • Alain Bélanger, President & CEO, Corruven

Part 2

  • Luke Megarity, Co-Founder & CEO, Boss Gibson Oyster Company
  • Derek W. Martin, CEO /Co-Founder, TUXY
  • Carolyn Crewe, Co-Founder & CEO, Duckish Natural Skin Care
  • Pablo Asiron, EVP Global Sales, Masitek Instruments

Did you know that according to a recent study by Aimia Inc., 80 percent of mid-sized Canadian companies feel their businesses are ‘not well-suited’ to international expansion? But that ninety percent of companies who made a global move have said that it was a success. The study also found that, when it came to businesses thinking about taking the plunge internationally, 46 percent felt they didn’t have the insights needed to identify markets for expansion, 63 percent said they didn’t know the steps required, and 24 percent didn’t even know where to start.

Through the Canadian Export Challenge, we are changing that. This program is helping to grow entrepreneurial ambition and remove friction for entrepreneurs going global. This initiative is about meeting entrepreneurs who are doing it, building relationships with organizations that can help them scale, and supporting Team Canada as a 2018 to succeed.

Startup Canada is an organization & community that gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs all over Canada to pitch their business, be part of an empowering network and support community. Startup Canada has a strong base and network across Atlantic Canada. With vibrant and active Startup Communities and more than 15 percent of its advisory, volunteer team and membership residing in Atlantic Canada, Startup Canada is committed to developing platforms, programs and support to empower and connect the entrepreneurship community across Atlantic Canada, to accelerate the success and growth of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

To get more information, about this organization please visit www.startupcan.ca

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