Innovation Wednesday

August 15, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Hello, my amazing Uveners, Welcome to innovation Wednesday, where we give you quick facts on….(drumrolls) innovation! See the video below to discover exciting information and grow your knowledge even more. I wish you to enjoy and share in great numbers:D! Shedlyne Denise Bélanger  

Water pollution Pt2

August 3, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

My dear Uveners, Here it is! Corruven’s one of a kind sustainability series presents water pollution part 2. We hope you enjoy it and share it with others so they can to learn how to move toward a truly sustainable lifestyle. Great day to all, Shedlyne Denise Bélanger 🙂

It’s official !

August 2, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Hello, my dear Uveners, Yesterday, a great thing happened at the office. The government of Canada announced the funding for our company of 2.5 Million dollars. Amazing, right?! With this funding, we will be able to bring innovative products to the market, increase our exports and boost our sales.  We are proud & honoured to participate in … Read More

The federal announcement

August 1, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Hey Uveners, You might have heard about it. The government is going to announce some funding for Corruven. We’re happy to invite you to come to celebrate with us the event tomorrow at the Corruven office. Have a great day everyone, Shedlyne Denise Bélanger #Sustainable #Innovation #WeAreCorruven #Video #Biteable #Amazing  

Corruven’s sutainability series _ Global pollution

July 26, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Hello, wonderful Uveners! Welcome to the first of the many articles of the sustainability series. Today’s article: water pollution. I hope that this article will provide some insight on how you can do your part in this environmental crisis we’re facing and improve your life. Have a great day, Shedlyne Denise Bélanger   

Two New Employment Positions at Corruven!

July 25, 2018By Admin AdminNews No Comments

Hello Uveners, We are looking to add two new positions of a Production Employee / Day Labourer within our company to support our continued growth.  Below is an infographic that explains what we are looking for in a candidate for this position. If your interested submit your resume today to Daniel Beauregard-Long at Have a great … Read More

Corruven’s new promotional video

July 19, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Hey Uveners, Ever wonder how to describe Corruven to your family and friends? Or to your coworkers? You needed to have short words because you knew that someone was easily distracted? Yes, we mean you Shannon ;)! Well, we have the solution for you. Just sit back relax and enjoy this active video that explains in … Read More

Corruven supports the plastic Ban

July 10, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Dear Uveners, As some of you know, many states/ businesses/ organizations have taken the initiative to ban single-use plastics from their culture. Currently, a movement with the hashtag #StopSucking is LIVE this month. The goal of the campaign is to ban all forms of single-use plastic from big and small corporations starting with plastic straws. … Read More

Corruven’s CEO nominated for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 award

June 30, 2018By Shedlyne BélangerNews No Comments

Dear Uveners, Great news!! Corruven’s CEO and president, Alain Bélanger got nominated for the 2018 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 award. An award that recognizes entrepreneurs all over Canada that drives growth, who strive to live outside the box with disruptive innovation. The whole Corruven family is ecstatic and proud of our CEO! We know that if it wasn’t … Read More