3D Series


Sustainability, user experience, unique, personalization are all synonyms of Corruven. We created beautiful new materials that are eco-friendly. From those materials, our goal was to create products that let users personalize their environment like never possible before.

Adds distinctive
texture and depth


Improve our sustainability

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3D Series

Bring life to your designs with unique textures and depths! Many architectural solutions, such as decorative walls, curved walls and ceilings with distinctive paneling system.

  • water
  • 3D WOOD
    A new durable, lightweight and eco-friendly corrugated material revolution.
  • recycle
    Create a new world of possibilities with a large range of finishes.
  • space
    Our technology provides a unique way to marry natural wood and aluminum together which creates a fresh new look to any space.
  • stack
  • 3D LIGHT
    Our unique 3D waved technology allows lighting to transfer texture and depth to your architectural design. Let the light flow in a natural way that adds feeling to a room.

Create your own design, let your imagination run free!

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